​What motivates me to run for office?

I am of the "Peopleʻs DNA"

We are at a pivotal time to make a much-needed shift in the way we address Hawai`iʻs challenges.  As a citizen candidate, I am just like anyone of my community members.  I relate to their struggles because their struggles are my struggles.  I am a public school graduate who was raised by a divorced single mother that worked three jobs. I received free public school lunch and was a latchkey child.  I moved away to the mainland but returned with a determination to raise my children in Hawaiʻi.  In 2018, I relocated my elderly parents back home and care for them today. Although the odds were against me, I worked hard and built my professional career since 1992.  Today, I find myself excited to think that after all my hard work I would be possibly the first woman of Hawaiian ancestry to represent the district as a Republican.

The home of my great, great grandparents Kihachi and Shika Kashiwabara in Moilili where the current Longs is today.

My great grand aunty Ethel Etsuko Kashiwabara Uchida.  Aunty Ethel served in the Intelligence Department under General Douglas MacArthur.

Serving since 1893​


As a Gosei (五世, "fifth generation") I am proud to continue the community service legacy of my great, great grandparents, Kihachi and Shika Kashiwabara, who founded the Moilili Japanese Language School and ​my great grandfather Hans Kashiwabara who was the first Japanese Police Captain. He served 20 years from 1914 to 1934 and was fluent in Japanese and Hawaiian language. 

Yes!  Iʻll donate to Doni